Latest version: 1.3.8 (June 29 2021) "Back to the roots !"


AmpShell will prompt the user for the location of DOSBox's executable if it cannot be found

AmpShell will also look for the user's default DOSBox configuration file.

Finally, it will also set notepad as the default text editor for games' configuration files.


In AmpShell, you can create/remove/modify tabs (called 'categories') in wich you can create/remove/modify your games.

You can also move games between categories.

Example of categories : 'First Person Shooters' and 'Strategy games'.

Each category has now 5 different view modes : Large icons, Small icons, Tile, List, Details


For each game, along with the path to the game's executable, you can also provide :

-the game's icon (.ICO, .BMP, .JPG and a few other image file formats are supported)

-the path to the game's setup executable (ie. setup.exe, sndsetup.exe or alike)

-a custom DOSBox configuration file (you can also edit it from inside AmpShell with your text editor of choice).

-a CD image (or a folder, like the CD drive root folder) that will be mounted as 'D:'

-additionnal DOSBox commands and options


The preferences are available in the Edit menu :

In the Preferences window, you can :

-choose DOSBox binary (executable) file

-choose a default .conf file (that will be used for games without a custom config file and for wich the checkbox "No config file at all" is unchecked).

-choose a DOSBox language file

-choose wich folder to open when looking for games, and wich one to open when looking for CD image files

-set default options for when you create a new game

-re-arrange categories (or even sort them by name), and choose the default view mode for a new category (or apply it to all of them)...

-- ... and select the size of the icons for the large view mode (up to 256x256 pixels)

-choose if :

-- AmpShell will prompt you for confirmation when deleting a game and/or category

-- AmpShell will remember the window's size, and/or position

-- AmpShell will show the status bar, the tool bar, and the menu bar

Portable Mode

When the Portable Mode is activated in the Preferences, you can run games anywhere, assuming :

-DOSBox' files are in the same directory as AmpShell

-The games are in the same directory as AmpShell (you can put them in a subdirectory)

A Portable Pack is available here.

To be able to use this mode do not put AmpShell in Program Files.

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